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АвторТема: Update enigma2/OE 2.6 - Ultra HD  (Прочитано 729 раз)

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Update enigma2 : 4.5.0r4

- added "IR code programming" for BLE RCUs using an integrated database.
Requires RCU firmware >= 1.14
- eServiceStream: fixed playback of some HLS streams, fixed decoding issues for streams with large b-frame distances
- fixed a spinner-related deadlock
- ePicload: implemented WebP support
- About: Fixed missing Frontprocessor version for Amlogic based dreamboxes
- fixed crash related to ConfigDirectory entries
- fixed crash on menu key press in epgsearch plugin (PluginDescriptor)
- fixed a bug in unicables.xml parser to correctly handle switches/LNBs with UniSEqC format as EN50607
- ScrollLabel: don't apply widget attributes to scrollbar
- eTimer: fixed getNextActivation export to python
- added a lot of generated docstrings to enigma.py

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Update enigma2/OE 2.6 - Ultra HD
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Update enigma2 :4.5.0r5

- Parser/DASH: lower min buffer time to 4s if not specified otherwise in the mpd
- Parser/HLS: lower min buffer time from 10s to 4s
- NimManager: handle unicable.xml entries with "UniSEqC" as EN50494 (Unicable1) again
- unicables.xml: changed SUS 41 FX to JESS
- ePicload: honor max size in any case
- HdmiCec: don't react to received power messages by default (to avoid any kind of "loops of cec horror")
- Parser/StreamManager: disable av sync for audio-only streams
- ePicLoad: disable 'debug picture' / 'finished decoding' debug output
- skin_default: fix dreamtwo display skin
- refresh video mode list after (un)plugging HDMI in wizard
- eCec: respect external handler in getAddr()
- data/skin_default.xml: adjust default display skins for dreambox two
- skin: show ble battery and rssi
- DisplayHardware: don't use hardcoded 50hz frame rate as fallback, instead try to grab an available frame rate for the current mode (for the unlikely case there's no framerate available, use 25 Hz)
- skin: add "SegmentedProgress" Converter and use it for BLE RSSI, fix small typo in comment about rcu rssi
- TimeDateInput: fix unwanted tuple
- Parser/StreamAudioSink: add DDP support

Спойлер   :
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamtwo drivers (reworked fpga init)
- reworked frontpanel LED API, removed old api, added led_color, led_brightness, led_blink and led_fade settings (needs new enigma2)
- reworked FPGA init (dreamtwo)
- changes needed for newer FP soft

Спойлер   :
add patch to split LED and LCD configuration to also show the LED config

Теги: OE 2.6 

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