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OpenDroid 6.1

New bootlogo thanks nemoxyz
New spinner thanks nemoxyz
New picon-default thanks arthur
fixed bluepanel
Add support dm900 4K
Add support gbquad 4K support
Add support new model zgemma
Add support new model Octagon
[sf4008] add snr calculation
[sf4008] add boxmode a/v option
[sf4008] add image backup
added Hbbtv
Add multiboot
add 2160p VU Ultimo4K
Add indicator record for edision osmega
Add multistream support
Adapt flash online for sf4008
ScanSetup Send 5v enable option to DVB-T2 blindscan binary.
update italian language
update boxbranding infos
[unicable] update
added cpu info Formuler model
Modified resolution recognised as 4K
display400 update analog_blue clock
display220 update analog_blue clock
update Flash_online
gb7252 fix hdmi in options
dm900 chip info
dm900 fix lcd rgb
dm900 hide scart and yuv infos from startwizard
add dm900 recovery mode menu entry
dm520 and dm900 update for clock after restart
flash online enabled for Dreambox
fix compile issue GST 0.10
fix nimmanager
fix dvbs
fix tuner Setup
fix ImageBackup
fix multi video
fix vuduo display
Lots of accommodation on the skin odreamy FHD
fully kitted out the first infobar
It changed the whole structure of the second infobar
Other bugs fixed UPDATE

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ОpenDroid 6.3

Add workaround for boxes who need hex as value - workaround for boxes like sf4008 who need hex as value to set it correct/VFD_initial_scroll_delay/VFD_final_scroll_delay/VFD_scroll_delay
Add IsIPStream
Add oe-alliance version in info images
Add support of UTF-8 [unicable]
Add support for KA-SAT (9°E) LNBs
Add support for 7-Segment display, thanks to OpenPLi
Add bootloader version for multiboot [Zgemma h7]
Added different image information
Update libsigc++ to 2.0
update [multistream]
update unicable.xml
update infobar
update OPD_panel Infobar Setup and Decoding Setup
update image backup [Gbquad4k]
update language IT
update credits of the Italian language
update streamserver and StreamingClientsInfo
update USB Disk Format Wizard
update flashOnline
update imageBackup
update UsbFormat
update cablescan
update some frontend snr paramater
update Ipkg softwaremanager
update RollerCharLCDLong
update multiboot & fix flashonline gbquad4k
update isusb detection reduce
update usb dvb device detection with device ep_84
update frontend caltulation dm520 and dm525
update socketmmi.py
update fastscan
FIXED framebuffer for current 7080, dm820, dm900, dm520 and use ion to allocate accel memory
FIX Selection of multistream tuner corrected tnx dvb-adenin
FIX Zgemma h7 flash online and imagebackup
FIX IndexError: tuple index out of range
FIX NameError: global name 'getMachineBuild'
FIX MainMenu
FIX aitinfo
FIX CAidSelect
FIX wireless
FIX information commit git
FIX hostname
FIX 12 digit display [osmega]
FIX teletext
Generate .sc .ap files for h265 encoded channels tnx betacentauri
Correct lineendings to LF [streamserver]
Removed bigalloc as it has sideaffects to free space of hdd with newer kernels
Removed Remote Tuner Server
FIXES various bugs

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