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АвторТема: OpenViX VU+ ULTIMO4K (Без Обсуждения)  (Прочитано 2832 раз)

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OpenViX  VU+ ULTIMO4K (Без Обсуждения)

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OpenViX VU+ ULTIMO4K (Без Обсуждения)
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OpenViX 5.0 released

OpenViX 5.0 is based on the OE-Alliance v4.0 core. You cannot perform an online update if you are currently on OpenViX 4.x or older.
You can download and then flash the newer images using the USB method or simply by using Image Manager.

You can restore settings and plugins from OpenViX 4.2 series images after you have flashed the image. This will restore most things to how you had them before.

GUI resize/position redesigned to make it clearer and easier. (Thanks to Isoz)
New change log system. Change log is clearer and info is read directly from GitHub api.
Multi-stream support (this requires multistream capable hardware, for e.g.: TBS USB Tuners, SF4008).
Multitype tuner support (this requires combo tuners, for e.g.: OS Mini+, OS Mega).
ATSC support.
Restore process now also restores plugins that are on the plugin server. Kernel restrictions have been removed. This means you can restore settings and plugins using 4.2 backups.
GStreamer update to 1.11.2
OSD - Time/date display changes (Thanks to Isoz)
Recordings take priority over streaming to clients.
Fallback - Fallback tuner settings moved to Service searching menu into its own menu
Fallback - Remote bouquets copier (Channel Importer). For receivers used as clients, copies and loads the channel list from the server box.
Fallback - ability for client to not write EPG data back to server box. Means epg.dat can be shared over a network mount without fear of corruption.
Status messages in Software Update.
Numbering on Menus
Kodi 'Krypton v17' available in plugin feeds for VU+ models: VU+ Solo SE, VU+ Solo SE V2, VU+ Solo 2, VU+ Duo2 and all the latest 4K models.
Various OE-A Core updates.
Updated Service Info screen
Updated Streaming Clients screen
Many other updates/tweaks to OpenViX Enigma2


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